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HPI style vehicle check – peace of mind  when buying a used car.

How would you feel if you bought your beautiful car with your hard earned money to find out that it had either been an insurance write-off or it is a stolen vehicle, or even that there is finance outstanding on it.  Either way you could lose all your money and end up with nothing all because you didn’t have an HPI-style car check done.

For arguments sake say it  has been a write-off, you have an accident in it, would it be safe? Theres a good chance it wouldn’t be, especially if it had previously been in an accident and just been bodged back together instead of being scrapped.  This situation is just where a car HPI check would have been worth its weight in gold.

Another reason to have a vehicle check is this -  supposing it had been a stolen car, and one day the police come knocking your door.  You wouldn’t have a leg to stand on and the car would be returned to its rightful owner, or if the claim had been paid out it would be the property of the insurer.  If the vehicle is still the subject of a finance agreement, well it won’t be your car it will belong to the finance company.  Either way its bad news and very costly for you.

Used car data check – risks and benefits

A vehicle check will look at the history of the car you want to purchase to ensure that it hasn’t been cloned, ringed, clocked written off or stolen and lastly, that it hasn’t got any finance attached to it.

Over half a million vehicles every year are reported to have been stolen and insurers have written them off because they are too badly damaged for repair.  Some of these cars find there way back into circulation.  According to the HPI check website around 4 in a 100 cars they check have been write-offs by the insurers.

Around 400,000 motor vehicles are stolen in the United Kingdom every year. An HPI check identifies that there are almost 35 stolen vehicles every day, with some of them being sold to innocent members of the public.  Buying a stolen car and it gets traced to you even though you bought it legitimately, it will still have to been returned to its legal owner and you will have lost your money.

If the vehicle has outstanding finance attached to it and over 8 million vehicles are purchased with some kind of loan, the biggest risk when buying a car is one that has outstanding loan against it.  the HPI check website affirms that around  25% of cars that are checked still had a finance agreement attached to the car.   If the loan is still not settled when you buy the car, you will not be the owner and you will not be protected by the ‘sale of goods act’, the owner will be the finance company until the loan is paid off.

Car reg check and clocking

Clocking on a vehicle is when the mileage has been altered so that it appears that the vehicle has done a lot less miles that it has really done.  An HPI car check will recognise that there is an inconsistency in the mileage records.
An HPI vehicle check will examine all of these things to ensure that you have a safe driving experience and that you do not lose any of your hard earned money.

Things that you need to carry out a vehicle check are: registration number of the vehicle, the VIN number or chassis number and the full check from HPI can cost you around £40, you can also try other companies for this hpi car check, there are also online sites that will do a hpi check free but all of these free HPI checks don’t come with the HPI guarantee which will provide around £10,000 compensation if you suffer any financial loss from incomplete or incorrect information provided by full HPI check.

If buying from a garage and they have not done an HPI check or who are unwilling to do one, you should ask yourself do I trust this garage – what are they trying to hide?   These kind of HPI checks are very easy to do especially in this age of technology and you can do it from the comfort of your own armchair.  Just go online and the results could be with you in minutes, but if you prefer the old fashioned way you can use the telephone and buy the report over the phone.  There are even HPI check text services where can get a car data check texted to your mobile phone!

Don’t cut corners when you are buying a used car, you need to find out  as much  information as possible, spending on a full HPI check will be worth it in the end – once again giving you ‘peace of mind’

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